PHP Frameworks - CodeIgniter Overview

Here are the slides to an interesting talk about PHP frameworks, given by the "first" creator of PHP, Rasmus Lerdorf, who now works for Yahoo.

In PHP 3.0+, Rasmus kind of gave up control of PHP to a couple other guys who took it in much more of a Object-oriented way. I like the following slides where Rasmus questions how 10 years of OO haven't added much (except confusion) to the language : PHP 1995 - short and simple PHP 2005 - after 10 years of OO cruft added

Anyway, Rasmus later gets into analyzing performance, and winds up comparing various PHP frameworks. Rasmus is more of a C hacker than a language designer, and performance is one of his specialties.

The performance of "Hello world" in various frameworks are compared starting here :

Here are some of the highlights :

CakePHP      25 trans/sec
Symfony     100 trans/sec
Zend        125 trans/sec
CodeIgniter 305 trans/sec

CodeIgniter is far and away the fastest, at least in this out-of-box "Hello world" test. Speed of course matters for Rasmus and Yahoo. A 10x speedup for Yahoo means buying 10 times fewer servers (and 10x fewer sys admins).

But I like CodeIgniter for a few other reasons :
- Good documentation
- Runs on PHP 4.3.2+ (important for legacy systems)
- More flexible and fewer dependencies than say Symfony or CakePHP

The various PHP frameworks have pluses and minuses, but I'd look at if you're looking a a framework.