Web front-end test frameworks or test methods

A while back I spent some time evaluating unit test frameworks from front-end web testing. A key driver is the need to handle JavaScript forms.

Here are some thoughts on those test frameworks :

- PHPUnit : Good for back-end work, but weak with front-end (browser) work

- SimpleTest : Same as PHPUnit

- Watir : Very mature and popular browser test app, but requires knowledge of Ruby scripting language

- IeUnit : Not quite as popular as Watir, but mature IE test framework. Scriptable in JavaScript

- Jaxer : Potentially powerful server-side JavaScript/DOM manipulation, but somewhat immature. Not a test framework. Can potentially use for other web apps

- POW : Some potential to automate FireFox, but fairly small scale. Not a testing framework

- iMacros : Same as POW

- AIR : Good app development framework, but doesn't really have a automatable browser. Not a test framework.