Dokan - sshfs for Windows

jEdit has a nice SFTP plugin which allows you to edit remote files as if they're on your local machine.

I've been working with the Netbeans IDE lately. It's nice, but lacking a decent SFTP plugin.

A little searching revealed Dokan which allows you to build a ssh file system on your Windows machine.

Setup is a bit awkward. You need two downloads. One is the needed libraries, the other is a simple app/GUI which allows you to mount the remote file system as Windows drive letters N:, T: etc.

So far it seems to work as advertised. And free!

*Update : 2010-03-05*

Installing Dokan SSHFS has become a bit more difficult. As mentioned above, you first need to download and install the Dokan library, and then download and install Dokan SSHFS.

There is a are new versions of the Dokan library (0.5.0 and 0.5.1). Unfortunately, the Dokan SSHFS is incompatible with these new libraries.

So here's what I did (as instructed by :

- Download and install Dokan library 0.5.0. into C:\Program Files\Dokan\DokanLibrary

- Download and install Dokan SSHFS into C:\Program Files\Dokan\DokanSSHFS

- Download and unzip.

- Copy the two upzipped files to :

- C:\Program Files\Dokan\DokanSSHFS\DokanSSHFS.exe

- C:\Program Files\Dokan\DokanSSHFS\DokanNet.dll

- (You may want to rename to 'original' file names above before copying)