BitKeeper - "stripdel: removed 2 deltas from control"

When cloning a repository I received this message :

Looking for, and removing, any uncommitted deltas...
stripdel: removed 2 deltas from myFile.php

I believe BK is saying :

In the repo you're cloning, there is one file with two deltas that are checked in' but not committed. To give you a consistent, committed view of the repo, I'm going to strip out these 'staged' changes and give you only the committed versions.

I 'bk status' in the repository. That indicated there was one file with staged, but uncommitted edits :

1 files with checked in, but uncommitted, deltas.

Running 'bk citool' confirmed this as well (below).

To fix this, SGS committed the changes using citool in the TEST repo.

To help ensure 'master' repos remain consistent, it's probably a best practice to only push and pull into these repos. One should do all checkins in private repos.

$ bk status
Status for BitKeeper repository
BitKeeper version is bk-4.2 20081011163247 for x86-glibc22-linux
Options: Pro,bkweb,BAM
Built by: in /build/bk-4.2-ob/src
Built on: Mon Oct 13 11:00:14 PDT 2008
Running on: Linux 2.6.9-1.6_FC2
Pending patches
95 people have made deltas.
5213 files under revision control.
90 files not under revision control (and not ignored).
1162 ignored files not under revision control.
418 directories containing revision controlled files.
116 directories with no revision controlled files.
4662 files checked out.
0 files modified and not checked in.
1 files with checked in, but not committed, deltas.
0 files in incorrect locations.