Amazon Web Services SDK for PHP 1 vs. SDK for PHP 2

I'm pretty new to Amazon Web Services (AWS) and especially "managing" AWS through PHP, so hopefully this will help me and others.

There are apparently two ("1" and "2") PHP-based SDKs available to manage AWS with PHP. It looks like version two was announced in November, 2012.

When the PHP SDK 2 was released, it seemed like it didn't support as many AWS features as PHP SDK 1, but now SDK 2 seems to support all AWS features, including new ones like OpsWorks.

So which one is better?

Considering the fact that I haven't used either one much, I'll go out on a limb and say that "2" is better -- at least for new development.

Why? Although I imagine PHP SDK 1 will be maintained for a while, I can't see Amazon investing much in PHP SDK 1 going forward. For example, I didn't see anything related to OpsWorks in the SDK 1 GitHub repository.

Plus, the PHP SDK 2 has lots of "new and improved" features like :

However, at this point, there doesn't seem to be a lot of documentation or other support for the AWS PHP SDK 2. When you do a search for "AWS PHP SDK documentation" you find a lot of old stuff relating to PHP SDK 1.

Since the PHP SDK 2 was released in November, 2012, you may want to put a time filter on searches for AWS PHP SDK 2 material.

As an example of the confusion between AWS PHP SDK 1 and PHP SDK 2, the source for both are up on GitHub :

To make sure I'm looking at the right one (SDK 2) I confirm the shorter user "aws" in the URL.