Appendix B : List of laws related to banking and finance in Japan

Appendix B : List of laws related to banking and finance in Japan

(from Tatewaki, Banking and Finance in Japan, pp. 206-207)

Note that because Japan is a civil law country, unlike the US which is a common law nation, these laws are particularly important.

Name of Law Year of Law

Agricultural Co-operatives Law 1947

Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Finance Corp. Law 1952

Anti-Monopoly Law and Fair Trade Law 1947

* Bank of Japan Act 1882

Bank of Japan Law 1942

* Banking Act 1890

* Banking Law 1927

Banking Law, new 1981

Commercial Code 1899

Credit Associations Law 1951

Deposit Insurance Law 1971

Environmental Sanitation Business Finance Corp. Law 1967

Export-Import Bank of Japan Law 1950

Fishery Co-operatives Law 1948

Foreign Exchange Bank Law 1954

* Foreign Exchange Control Law 1941

Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law 1949

Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law, rev. 1979

Foreign Exchange Fund Special Account Law 1951

Government Bond Law 1906

Hokkaido Tohoku Development Corp. Law 1956

Housing Loan Corp. Law 1950

Industrial Co-operatives Law 1900

Insurance Business Law 1939

Investment Advisory Law 1986

Japan Development Bank Law 1951

Japan Finance Corp. for Municipal Enterprises Law 1957

Labor Credit Associations Law 1953

Law Concerning Foreign Securities Firms 1971

Law Concerning Foreign Insurance Companies 1949

Law Concerning Joint Operations of Trust Business by Banks 1943

Law Concerning Reserve Deposit System 1957

Law Concerning Control of Receiving Capital Subscription

Deposits and Interest Rates 1954

Law for Small Business Co-operatives 1949

Loan Trust Law 1952

Long-Term Credit Bank Law 1952

Mutual Bank Law 1951

* National Bank Act 1872

Norinchukin Bank Law 1923

Okinawa Development Finance Corp. Law 1972

Overseas Economic Co-operation Fund Law 1960

People's Finance Corp. Law 1949

Postal Savings Law 1947

Public Finance Law 1947

* Savings Bank Act 1890

* Securities and Exchange Law 1947

Securities and Exchange Law, rev. 1948

Securities Investment Trust Law 1951

Shokochukin Bank Law 1936

Small Business Credit Insurance Corp. Law 1958

Small Business Finance Corp. Law 1953

Temporary Interest Rate Adjustment Law 1947

Trust Law 1922

Trust Business Law 1922

Trust Fund Bureau Fund Law 1951

* Laws which are no longer effective.