Trade secrets in Japan and conclusion

Trade secrets in Japan and conclusion

Finally, as a last topic in the area of intellectual property, since 1991 trade secrets can be protected under Japanese law. However, trade secrets are weakly protected because their nature as "property" is not yet defined clearly.

Again, you may have other ways of recourse under unfair trade rights, but the best way to protect trade secrets is to keep them secret.

To sum things up, I hope I've shown you that despite high office rents, staffing problems, taxes and a legal system that makes protecting intellectual property a challenge, you can prosper in the Japanese market.

If you're looking for specific information on selling to this rich market or actually setting up a business in Japan, listen to one of my other tapes or feel free to give me a call.

So thanks again for investing your time and money in this tape, and remember that with persistence and effort, you can make it in the Japanese market.