What is a "Prioritizer - Scheduler"?

What is a "Prioritizer - Scheduler"?

If you've ever been in a quandry over what product to buy, what career to choose, or having to schedule an activity -- and wanted a tool to help you -- you've come to the right place.

Our Prioritizer helps you figure out how to get out of these quandries.

How does the Prioritizer work?

The Prioritizer works on a simple principle. When you're in a quandry, you have a lot of things to think about. You can't determine what's important or what you should do first because everything seems important!

The Prioritizer helps you see the light because it simplifies the process. You may not know which feature is important out of a list of ten items, but you can find the important one when there's only two being compared.

The Prioritizer just takes your list of ten items and asks you to compare the items in twos. It keeps score of your choices, and provides a ranked listing at the end.

What are the details of operating the Prioritizer?

It's best to learn by doing! Test drive our simple example. This example will show you what you really want out of life -- in 2 minutes!

After you've tried the example, type in the items you'd like to rank in the startup text box. It's important that you type in one item per line. In most of the above examples, we've already started a list for you, but you can add or subtract as many items as you like.

You can even delete all the sample entries and start with a clean slate. Note, however, that there should be one item per line, and it will take about 10 minutes to sort 15 items, and 15 minutes to sort 20 items.

After you've entered your items, press the "Start!" button. We'll then ask you to select between the items one pair at a time. You'll then get a sorted list showing you your preferences which you can copy out and paste into your favorite word processor for saving and printing.

When you're choosing between items, you can click on the "Select" buttons or use the left and right arrow keys. Using the arrow keys is, however, a little quirky on some platforms.