DrupalCon SF 2010 Day One Notes

Unconference by Seth Cohn - Views Default Args

Grab Views default arguments by setting variables with Context module.


This module allows a default value for a view argument to be specified based on a piece of contextual data set through the Context module's context_set function. When configuring the default argument, you specify the context namespace and the attribute name, and the value is pulled automatically. This is particularly useful for getting information to Views blocks. This is far less hackish than specifying path arguments via arg().

The Heart of Open Atrium : Context, PURL and Spaces

20 APIs Every Drupal Developer Should Know

- Domain Access module allows you to show different content (ex. ads) based on the DOMAIN (ex. one.example.com)

Aggregate and Import with Feeds!

Feeds has
- fetcher
- parser
- processor

Feeds has taxonomy importer that may be useful

Feeds is OO so nice source to read.

Open Data Kit is a cool way to grab GPS and image data from Android.

PubSubHubbub is an open protocol for distributed Publish/subscribe communication on the internet. The protocol extends the Atom and RSS protocols for data feeds.

Objectifying PHP

Objects can be grouped into

- Data objects

- Behavior objects

Use a factory method to create data objects. "The job of of pizza is to be pizza!"

Try not to build in dependencies between objects. They should be 'atomic'.

Every function call or static method is a hard dependency.

See project 'examples' for examples : http://drupal.org/project/examples