Getting an entry-level job in computer programming

A young man who's studying computer science in college asked me for information regarding how to get an internship in the software industry. Here's what I told him :

There is great demand for programmers with a bit of experience. You just need to get a bit of the right (or desired) experience.

I think there are several ways to do this :

Upgrading Drupal 7 PHPTemplate-based themes to Drupal 8

I'm looking to start trying out Drupal 8. But I need some themes for display.

Here's a couple good articles on how to handle this :



For my current D7-based themes, looks like I have a couple options :

- Modify "slightly" the PHPTemplate-based themes and use them mostly as-is.

- Run the PHPTemplate-based theme thru "Twigify" at https://drupal.org/sandbox/forest/1974984


Drupal Quickstart customization

Here are some things I did to customize Drupal QuickStart for me :

Setup to enable SSH / XWindows access into the VM :

- Set network interface to bridged (not NAT)

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get install openssh-server

Set window controls to right

$ gconf-editor &

"Apps -> Metacity -> General". Edit "button_layout".

Change "maximize,minimize,close" to

"menu:maximize,minimize,close". Exit gconf-editor.

Update Quickstart image per http://drupal.org/project/quickstart

$ cd ~/quickstart
$ git pull
$ bash -x update.sh



Maintaining Drupal with fake Git submodules

With Drupal moving to the Git version control system, I'm looking at refining a good way to install, update, and customize Drupal installations using Git.

Since Drupal core, modules, and themes will be separate Git repositories, it seems like using Git submodules, or subtrees are worth looking into for module and theme management.


Upgrading Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 Using Git

The Drupal UPGRADE.txt file and upgrade handbook page provide a lot of good information and procedures to perform a major upgrade (ex. 6.x => 7.x).

However, if you're looking to manage your Drupal 7 installation using Git, the upgrade guides don't provide Git-specific advice.

Here's a procedure I found useful when upgrading Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 using Git.

First, clone the Drupal 7 git repository using this :

git clone git://github.com/drupal/drupal.git

Updating a Drupal Installation - Minor Update

Here's the process to perform a minor update to a Drupal installation when using a combination of CVS (from Drupal.org) and Git (from your site). This would be used, for example, when updating Drupal 6.18 to 6.19.

This uses the "combined" method of pulling Drupal from CVS but managing branches on the actual site using Git. This method is outlined here :


    $  git checkout drupal-core



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