jQuery Wizard Controls

jQuery Formwizard

* Pretty full featured. Lots of examples. Nice looking.

* Seems to handle branching better than SmartWizard



* MIT license


* Pretty configurable

* Well documented

* Side menu

* Some form validation

* Able to open as modal dialog


* License ?


* Kind of simplistic. Nice to show progress.


* MIT & GPL license


HP Touchpad (webOS) and Node.js.

I haven't paid much attention to webOS, but I heard it was trying to be 'web developer friendly' -- meaning 'web standards' like HTML 5 I thought.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the following :

Roll your own services with Node.js

The popular Node.js runtime environment is built into webOS 2.1, which means that you can now develop not just webOS apps but also services in JavaScript.

This to me is very interesting and indicates HP (Palm) may have done webOS right.

IeUnit Quick Start

Wikipedia currently lists the following "Internet test frameworks" :

* HtmlUnit
* HttpUnit
* IeUnit
* Canoo WebTest
* Selenium

So IeUnit has made what could be called an "exclusive" list of web test frameworks. Of course there are plenty of other "Internet test frameworks" including Watir, Sahi, WatiN and even JsUnit and QUnit (for jQuery).

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