PHP CodeSniffer

Setting up Custom Coding Standards with PHP CodeSniffer

PHP CodeSniffer provides you with some useful coding standards to get you going.

This is nice, but how do you customize what's provided or set up your own standards?

There is a tutorial on how to set up your own standards, but that was too much work for me at the moment.

However, that is NOT the way to set up your own standards, in my opinion.


Adding PHP CodeSniffer to your Hudson Phing Continuous Integration Process

In a previous post, I described how to setup Hudson with Phing and PHPUnit for a simple PHP build process.

Adding PHP CodeSniffer to Build Results

Now let's expand on this a bit by adding PHP CodeSniffer (PHPCS).

First, assuming you're still working on Ubuntu, install PHPCS :

$ sudo pear install  PHP_CodeSniffer

Add the Checkstyle to Hudson (Manage Hudson => Manage Plugins => Available).

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