Dividend capture and Microsoft's (MSFT) one-time dividend of $3 per share

Microsoft announced a special $3 per share dividend, $30 billion stock repurchase, and a doubling of it's current dividend.

As time allows, I'll examine "dividend capture" opportunities for this special $3 per share special dividend.

Here is the text from Microsoft's announcement of July 20, 2004 :

Microsoft Outlines Quarterly Dividend, Four-Year Stock Buyback Plan, And Special Dividend to Shareholders

Company Is Confident About Future Growth and Innovation Opportunities, Plans to Provide Up to $75 Billion in Value to Shareholders Over Next Four Years


Intel ignores its owners

Today, Intel Corporation's (INTC) management decided to ignore the wishes of its owners.

Intel's management disagreed with 54 percent of its shareholders who voted for a non-binding proposal to expense employee-stock options.

When I heard this news of misalignment of management and owner interests, I immediately thought of a friend of mine who's been working to help ensure that management truly does work for the owners of a firm.

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