Installing and using Drush Make

Drush and Drush Make are two great utilities for folks who use Drupal.

Here's how to setup and use Drush Make :

Create a ~/.drush directory and download Drush Make to there :

  $ cd
  $ mkdir .drush
  $ cd .drush
  $ wget
  $ tar -xvzf drush_make-6.x-2.0-beta6.tar.gz
  $ cd /var/www/yoursite
  $ cat makeYourWebSite.txt
     core = 7.x 
     projects[] = drupal 
  $ drush make makeYourWebSite.txt

Note, however, there currently appears to be a limitation in Drush Make that makes it difficult to work with Drupal alpha versions. This seems to have been fixed in commit358186, but when I tried to download the HEAD version of Drush Make I didn't see any files.


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