Defined contribution of 6 percent when you also have a defined benefit plan

Indication that if you have a "one-person" DB not covered by PBGC, your DC contribution is limited to 6 percent of compensation.

Indications that if you have a Schedule C, your deductible DB contribution is limited to your Sched C earnings. Also, if you have a DB and DC, DC contribution is limited to 6 percent of compensation.

Links for defined benefit plans

Good articles on defined benefit plans :

Defined benefit maximum contribution and minimum compensation table :

Simple calculator showing DB vs. DC contributions in various cases.

Simple DB calculator from Oppenheimer showing max DB contribution. Seems to be too low. For example, only $40K contribution on $200K income for age 46.

You can participate in plans from two employers.


Useful articles on company formation

Maintaining Drupal with fake Git submodules

With Drupal moving to the Git version control system, I'm looking at refining a good way to install, update, and customize Drupal installations using Git.

Since Drupal core, modules, and themes will be separate Git repositories, it seems like using Git submodules, or subtrees are worth looking into for module and theme management.


Upgrading Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 Using Git

The Drupal UPGRADE.txt file and upgrade handbook page provide a lot of good information and procedures to perform a major upgrade (ex. 6.x => 7.x).

However, if you're looking to manage your Drupal 7 installation using Git, the upgrade guides don't provide Git-specific advice.

Here's a procedure I found useful when upgrading Drupal 6 to Drupal 7 using Git.

First, clone the Drupal 7 git repository using this :

git clone git://

Updating a Drupal Installation - Minor Update

Here's the process to perform a minor update to a Drupal installation when using a combination of CVS (from and Git (from your site). This would be used, for example, when updating Drupal 6.18 to 6.19.

This uses the "combined" method of pulling Drupal from CVS but managing branches on the actual site using Git. This method is outlined here :

    $  git checkout drupal-core


HTML Tidy options in PHP context



$tidyOpts = array(
// 'bare' => TRUE, // strip MS HTML
// 'clean' => TRUE, // strip presentational tags
// 'css-prefix' => 'calc-', // CSS prefix for styles - default 'c'
// 'doctype' => 'omit', // DOCTYPE for output
// 'drop-empty-paras' => TRUE,
// 'drop-font-tags' => TRUE, // drop and with no corresponding style rules
// 'drop-proprietary-attributes' => TRUE, // drop things like MS data binding attributes


Scmbug for Git/BitKeeper - Bugzilla Integration

I ran across an interesting open source program called Scmbug. Scmbug is a system that integrates software configuration management with bug-tracking.

I was looking for a tool that would help with :

* Showing what bugs are fixed in a particular build or revision control commit?

* Automatically updating a bug tracker when bugs are completed (fixed) and approved.

* Not allowing unapproved bugs to be committed to a given branch.


Getting "git rm" to work

I thought I could remove files from Git pretty easily with essentially :

  $ git rm myfile.php
  $ git commit -m "Removing a file"

But I was getting this error upon commit : "Could not open input file myfile.php"

This is how I got it to work. The Git Cheat Sheet ( described this as "Commit the absence of myfile.txt to the project"

  $ git rm --cached myfile.php
  $ git commit -m "Removing a file"


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