jQuery Wizard Controls

jQuery Formwizard

* Pretty full featured. Lots of examples. Nice looking.

* Seems to handle branching better than SmartWizard



* MIT license


* Pretty configurable

* Well documented

* Side menu

* Some form validation

* Able to open as modal dialog


* License ?


* Kind of simplistic. Nice to show progress.


* MIT & GPL license


Free or cheap UI mock-up tools

I'm certainly no expert in UI design, but it's nice to mock-up things before you start committing them to code.

I like what I've seen from Balsamiq (, but $79 for a license seemed a bit of a stretch for my modest needs.

I found the free app "Pencil" ( seems to work pretty good.

You can use Pencil as a Firefox plugin, but I ran it as a stand-alone XULRunner app.

Documentation is kind of sparse, but here's one useful link :


Running webOS emulator - webOS in a virtual machine

I was interested in looking at Node.js as a potential framework for some back-end network services.

I initially thought about installing Node.js on Ubuntu, but then thought about trying it in webOS since webOS has been shipping with Node.js since Oct, 2010.

Getting webOS running in a virtual machine (VM) is easy enough. You'll first need to have Java and VirtualBox installed on your machine.

Then download the webOS 3.0 SDK here :

BitKeeper - "stripdel: removed 2 deltas from control"

When cloning a repository I received this message :

Looking for, and removing, any uncommitted deltas...
stripdel: removed 2 deltas from myFile.php

I believe BK is saying :

In the repo you're cloning, there is one file with two deltas that are checked in' but not committed. To give you a consistent, committed view of the repo, I'm going to strip out these 'staged' changes and give you only the committed versions.

I 'bk status' in the repository. That indicated there was one file with staged, but uncommitted edits :


HP Touchpad (webOS) and Node.js.

I haven't paid much attention to webOS, but I heard it was trying to be 'web developer friendly' -- meaning 'web standards' like HTML 5 I thought.

I was pleasantly surprised to find the following :

Roll your own services with Node.js

The popular Node.js runtime environment is built into webOS 2.1, which means that you can now develop not just webOS apps but also services in JavaScript.

This to me is very interesting and indicates HP (Palm) may have done webOS right.

Drupal Quickstart customization

Here are some things I did to customize Drupal QuickStart for me :

Setup to enable SSH / XWindows access into the VM :

- Set network interface to bridged (not NAT)

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get install openssh-server

Set window controls to right

$ gconf-editor &

"Apps -> Metacity -> General". Edit "button_layout".

Change "maximize,minimize,close" to

"menu:maximize,minimize,close". Exit gconf-editor.

Update Quickstart image per

$ cd ~/quickstart
$ git pull
$ bash -x



ViewSonic gTablet Review - Discovering the gTab

To assist in some upcoming business travel, I recently was in the market to get a tablet device. I didn't want to put a lot of time into comparing various tablets, so my initial market analysis pointed out these possibilities :

You can't go too wrong, but Flash support seems weak or non-existant. Not good for me as watching a variety of web videos was key for me. Generally, I'm not a fan of Apple's closed-world view.
"High-end Android" (Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy)

Find newly added files with Git

OK, this is a stupid one-liner, but it works.

Here's how to find newly added files to a Git repository :

git whatchanged | grep : | grep ' A' | grep -v Author: | grep -v Date: | grep \.\.\. | more

:000000 100644 0000000... 89fd0d4... A tests/f1.php
:000000 100755 0000000... c430e79... A tests/f2.php
:000000 100755 0000000... 130edda... A tests/f3.php
:000000 100644 0000000... 0f395e9... A tests/f4.php

See this quick reference :



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